About Us


Invested in your health and wellbeing!

Fort York is a medical clinic in Toronto, Canada with a track record of offering innovative and expert medical services to individuals. We pride ourselves in investing our expertise and compassion in our patients to ensure their all-round wellbeing.

Our Medical Clinic Goals

In partnership with you, we will develop personalized care plans which include the management of chronic ailments. Our mission is to be the foremost healthcare network in the city, with a focus on providing high-quality patient care that is worthy of medical excellence.

Simple Process To Follow

Request an Appointment

Skip the waiting room and conveniently request your appointment on our website.


After submitting your request, you will receive an email with appointment confirmation times and details, or one of our administrative staff members will call you to arrange your appointment at the clinic. Depending on the time of your request and the clinic's volume, we will get back to you either the same day or the next day.

Come in 15 minutes before your appointment

During check-in, please address your concerns with the doctors. Additionally, remember to inquire with the reception about any future consultations, requisitions, referrals, prescriptions, notes, or any other related matters.