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Travel Medicine Clinic in Toronto (Your Passport to Healthy Journeys)


Welcome to fortyork Toronto, your dedicated partner in ensuring safe and healthy international travel. Specializing in vaccinations, medication, and expert advice, our clinic offers personalized services tailored to meet the unique needs of each traveler and their destination.

Travel medicine is a specialized field that prioritizes the health and safety of individuals embarking on international journeys. Our focus is on assessing potential health risks associated with travel. Such as exposure to infectious diseases, and providing comprehensive preventative measures and treatments to minimize these risks. From pre-travel consultations to immunizations, prophylactic medications, and guidance on safe food and water consumption. Our goal is to empower individuals to stay healthy during their travels and minimize the risk of illness or injury.

What we offer :

Our dedicated team of healthcare experts, including travel medicine specialists, nurses, and pharmacists, is committed to providing individualized treatment and unique travel health programs. Services at our clinic encompass pre-travel counseling, travel-related vaccinations, prescription drugs, and post-travel follow-up treatment.

Understanding the diverse health hazards that travel may present, including exposure to infectious diseases, food and drink-related illnesses, and insect-borne illnesses. We prioritize individualized care. We tailor our travel health plans for each patient based on their destination, planned activities, and medical background.

Staying abreast of the latest trends and advancements in travel health, we rely on up-to-date information and recommendations from reputable sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Creating a warm and informative environment, our clinic aims to equip patients with the knowledge and assistance needed to stay healthy and safe during travel. Our staff dedicates themselves to addressing patient inquiries and delivering the highest quality of treatment and support.

In conclusion:

To ensure optimal protection, please schedule your appointment with us once you have confirmed your travel plans. Many immunizations require at least two weeks to produce an immune response, ensuring their effectiveness. Some vaccines also necessitate booster shots to maximize protection. Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, especially during these challenging times. Fort York Clinic is here to ensure your health is not compromised. Our experienced Travel Medicine Physicians can assess whether immunizations or medications are necessary for your specific destination. Considering factors such as cholera, hepatitis. Japanese encephalitis, malaria, typhoid, or yellow fever.

It’s important to note that OHIP does not cover the cost of Travel Medicine Consults ($160) . And you may incur additional costs for medications, vaccines, or immunizations at the pharmacy.
At Fort York Clinic in Toronto, we prioritize your well-being and aim to provide comprehensive, personalized care to make your travels as safe and enjoyable as possible.


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