Invested in your health and wellbeing

Fort York Medical was founded with a track record of offering innovative and expert medical services to individuals. We pride ourselves in investing our expertise and compassion in our patients to ensure their all-round wellbeing.

A higher quality of life is possible

We exist to make a higher quality of life through the deployment of research-backed healthcare services possible just for you. You can trust us with your health anytime, any day.

In partnership with you, we will develop personalized care plans which include the management of chronic ailments. Our mission is to be the foremost healthcare network in the city, with a focus on providing high-quality patient care that is worthy of medical excellence.

FortYork Team.

Walk in Clinic


Interested in you and your family’s health

Our Medical Practice covers all aspects of your entire family.

We will sit down with you to structure personalized care plans that cover the management of acute and chronic diseases. Where we are unable to assist promptly in the clinic, we will provide referrals or guidance appropriately. We treat all enquiries with the strictest of confidence and sensitivity.

Caring for the Sick

With many professionals invested in our mission, we execute initiatives targeted at making visible and sustainable change for patients.